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The Beauceron is also known by the names: French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd, Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge (Red Stocking).

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Also known as the Berger de Beauce (Shepherd of the Beauce) or the Bas Rouge (Red Stocking) for the leg markings, this is a rare breed originating in France. The name comes from La Beauce - the plains surrounding Paris and was adopted in the late 1800s to distinguish it from the other shepherd of the region - the Briard. A general purpose dog it was employed in this area as far back as the 1500s to guard farms, herd and protect livestock and to hunt wild boar. The versatility and intelligence of the Beauceron saw it utilized during wars to carry messages and supplies, detect mines, follow trails and detect the wounded. Whilst still used to work and guard livestock the Beauceron today, in addition to its role as a family companion, also serves as a military and police dog, search and rescue dog, assistance dog, etc.


The Beauceron tends to be a one-person dog. He will bond with, and be loyal and affectionate toward all members of the family, but generally just one person will have an absolute hold on his heart. They are not a breed to be consigned to a kennel outside as they have a great need for the company of humans. Known to be patient and tolerant of children they are intolerant of harsh handling from adults. They are superb watchdogs, very wary of strangers and will instinctively and fearlessly guard their people and their property from all-comers - human and canine. The Beauceron will accept other dogs that it knows but unknown trespassers are likely to get short shrift. This is a naturally dominant breed with high guarding and protection drives requiring experienced handling if over-assertiveness and inappropriate ‘leadership’ is not to become a problem. They are not recommended for the first time dog owner.


A true working dog, the Beauceron requires a considerable amount of exercise and it is important to find a suitable outlet for his energy. Long walks, jogging, free running in a secure area, obedience exercises, agility, frisbee, Schutzhund, tracking, and other hard working canine sports will meet his need for physical and mental activity.


The Beauceron is extremely intelligent and his willingness to work and his eagerness to please make training a pleasure. He also has an excellent memory which serves him well in obedience work, so well that he may appear to read his handler’s mind. Early socialization is of great importance, as is obedience training. Confident, firm but kindly handling is they key to bringing out the best in this bold and exceptionally clever breed. Socialization is important in producing a well-rounded dog who is at ease with a variety of people and with other dogs.


  • Hip dysplasia
  • entropion
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA)


Some photographs of the Beauceron...

Hisme du Regard Mordan, owned by Kate in Leval, Belgium

This photo of Hisme du Regard Mordant at work on sheep. Born 14/09/08 he is the son of Soleil des Assiers & Eireann du Bois d'Honnelles. For more info and photos, see Hisme du Regard Mordan's thread in our forum.

Eireann du Bois d'Honnnelles, owned by Kate in Leval, Belgium

Eireann du Bois d'Honnnelles, sitting here waiting patiently. For more info and photos, see Eireann du Bois d'Honnnelles's thread in our forum.

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Fact File

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AKC Herding Group
ANKC not listed
CKC not listed
FCI Group 1
IKC Group 1
KC Working Group
KUSA Herding Group
NZKC Working Group





Expected Lifespan

11 to 13 years



65 - 70 cm (25.6 - 27.6 ins)


63 - 68 cm (24.8 - 26.8 ins)



0 - 50 kg (0 - 110 lbs)


0 - 42 kg (0 - 92.4 lbs)


Short, harsh outer coat; soft, dense undercoat


Black and tan. Tricolour (Grey, black and tan)

  • Herding Dog
  • Pure Breed

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