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Boxer photos

Below are photos of the Boxer submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

Star, owned by Carole in Scotland, UK

Star at age 6 years. Doing what she loved best, sunbathing and playing with her ball.

Bandit, owned by Jackie in Staffordshire, UK

Bandit, brindle Boxer - he was around 7 in this pic. What can you say about this boy? He was the love of my life, lived it, with a what's in it for me attitude, but at heart was his mummies baby x

Finn, owned by Carole in Scotland, UK

Finn, a white Boxer at 7 years old. The laziest boxer around, enjoys nothing more than a good sleep.

Millie, owned by Jackie in Staffordshire, UK

Millie brindle Boxer aged 10, gone now but never forgotten, lived her life to please her people, she was the typical Velcro dog, if you were happy she was happy x

Maxine and Capt. Nemo, owned by Lynn Crapelle in Woodland Park, NJ, USA

Maxine and Captain Nemo enjoying the sunshine... and the sofa!

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