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The Chodsky Pes is also known by the names: Bohemian Shepherd, Chodsky dog.

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Full profile coming soon!

Our Chodsky Pes profile is coming soon, but in the meantime, please refer to the fact file over on the right (or down below if viewing on a mobile). You can also send in your photos or visit our Chodsky Pes forum where you can chat with other Chodsky Pes owners and fanatics.


Some photographs of the Chodsky Pes...

Chodsky Pes
Hany & Polyxena, owned by Pam in Middleton, UK

Hany Dolsky Mlyn & Polyxena Vigilo enjoying themselves on the beach.

Chodsky Pes
Bacco vom Böhmerwald, owned by Manfred Pfeifenberger in Austria

Bacco vom Böhmerwald is a Chodsky Pes Bergrettungshund (Mountain Rescue Dog)

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Fact File

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AKC not listed
ANKC not listed
CKC not listed
FCI Group 1
IKC Group 1
KC not listed
KUSA not listed
NZKC not listed





Expected Lifespan

14 to 15 years



52 - 55 cm (20.5 - 21.7 ins)


49 - 52 cm (19.3 - 20.5 ins)



21 - 25 kg (46.2 - 55 lbs)


18 - 22 kg (39.6 - 48.4 lbs)


Apart from the facial parts of the head and the tips of the earlobes and the front of both pairs of limbs, where the coat is short and smooth, the body is covered by a glossy, long, thick, coarse coat.


Black, with vivid yellow to red markings.

  • Herding Dog
  • New Breed
  • Pure Breed

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