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Border Collie photos

Below are photos of the Border Collie submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

Border Collie
Tommee, owned by Dyane Jones in Driffield, UK

Tommee is a rescue Border Collie from Eire from the AINMHITHE animal rescue. He came over from Eire back in April & travelled overnight. He was orginally a foster, but I failed, falling in love with his character & adopted him a week later. He is an extremely outgoing boy & lives life to the full.

Border Collie
Micky, owned by Tracy in Lancashire, UK

Micky is our Blue Merle Border Collie - waiting patiently, ready for action!

Border Collie
Megee, owned by Dyane Jones in Driffield, UK

Megee is a rescued failed sheepdog bitch. She's now about 2 years old. She's a tri colour prick eared medium rough coated working bred bitch. Very clever & can have her moments.

Border Collie
Penelope, owned by Laura Behjet in Buckinghamshire, UK

Our working line tri colour collie from a farm, loves children as you can see! Pictured here at 8 months old with our son.

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