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Bullmastiff photos

Below are photos of the Bullmastiff submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

Phoebe, owned by Katy in Crewe, Cheshire, UK

Phoebe is an amazing dog and I could not live without her. She doesnt follow the typicals of her breed as shes bigger than most females and also loves the sound of her own voice. Dont believe you will get what it says in the books, bullmastiffs are as unique as every human being. She has more energy than many large breed dogs and loves nothing more than to zoom around at 100 miles an hour even at the ripe old age of 7. Bullmastiffs are the peterpans of the dog world, they are puppies till the end.

Dexter, owned by Ruth in UK

Dexter loves to be part of the family, he likes to go wherever you go - to bed, to bath, in the car and to the shops. The breed is very strong willed so proper training is essential, even with this Dexter can be extremely stubborn as are many Mastiffs! he moves when he wants, he walks where he wants and he can be so lazy. He has an amazing personality and facial expressions to match. Expect to give around 2 hrs per day walking time, he loves to run in long grass and is very nosey checking out everything. Dexter seldom barks - except at the hoover and is a great guard dog, they make great family pets and everyone comments on how handsome he is.

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