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German Shepherd Dog photos

Below are photos of the German Shepherd Dog submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

German Shepherd Dog
Echo, owned by Dyane Jones in Driffield, UK

Echo came from Germany as a 13 week old puppy as a gift for my parents. He was a working bred dog, yet was quite successful as a show dog. He had a perfect hip score of 0(0:0) and was used at stud to improve hips & temprament as he was an outstanding character & most important a loving & much loved pet. Sadly he had to be PTS when he was 8 1/2 with liver cancer.

German Shepherd Dog
Kodi, owned by Baz in Cheshire, UK

Male GSD (10 months old in this photo) - Grandson of VonGalanberg Kai who came 7th in the 2012 IPO World Championships. For more info and photos, see Kodi's thread in our forum.

German Shepherd Dog
Amazing Grace, owned by Debbie Ross in Briarwood, United States

My Amazing Grace is the baby of three dog's I've had since, 1997. She was born, 10/4/01. Amazing is God's Gift, and a gentle giant that weights in at, 110 lbs. She gives me unconditional love...

German Shepherd Dog
Rhodi, owned by Bryan in Southampton, UK

This was Rhodi's first trip to the Sea. On his 1st Birthday. I thought i got a German Shepherd Dog.... Rhodi thinks he is a.... German SWANherd Dog! For more info and photos, see Rhodi's thread in our forum.

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