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Portuguese Water Dog photos

Below are photos of the Portuguese Water Dog submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

Portuguese Water Dog
Ludo, owned by Cheryl Matton in Gravesend, Kent, UK

CH Robenger Forest Sunrise Over Austwell, or Ludo for short, is our stunning wavy coat Portuguese Water Dog.

Portuguese Water Dog
Tangle, owned by Cath in Wigan, UK

Tangle was a very soft natured, loving puppy - this photo was taken at 4 months old.

Portuguese Water Dog
Figo, owned by Jackie in Staffordshire, UK

This is Figo at around 6 months old - we love him to bits, as there is never a dull moment with him around! For more info and photos, see Figo's thread in our forum.

Portuguese Water Dog
Arnie and Maggie Mae, owned by Jayne Johns in Kings Lynn, UK

Arnie (Gemson Orpheus, lying down) and his daughter, Maggie Mae (Gemson Symphony) pictured here relaxing after a day in the show ring at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show in Edinburgh.

Portuguese Water Dog
Archie, owned by Jayne Johns in Kings Lynn, UK

Archie (Gemson Rabelias) taken on Glenbeigh Beach in Kerry Eire - having a fine old time on the beach after a show day.

Portuguese Water Dog
Phoebe, owned by Cheryl Matton in Gravesend, UK

Gemson Phoebe at Austwell, pictured here in the garden. She is a curly coat Portuguese Water Dog.

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