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Shih Tzu photos

Below are photos of the Shih Tzu submitted to us by users of Breedia. Thank you for all your submissions. To submit your own photo, just click here.

Shih Tzu
Oscar, owned by Jo in Hampshire, UK

This is a photo of my little Shih Tzu, Oscar. We had the photo taken for a competition.

Shih Tzu
Connor, owned by Joyce in Canada

I got Connor from a show breeder in Canada. Both his mom and dad are champions but I chose to trial him in Obedience, Rally Obedience and CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) which is for all dogs purebred or mixes. He has titles in all. He got his CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) title at seven months. Above all tho he is a treasured pet! For more info and photos, see Connor's thread in our forum.

Shih Tzu
William, owned by Karen in Haywards Heath, UK

William is a cute, lively and inquisitive, 5 year old Shih Tzu. Always looking for mischief.

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